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Your review would make a HUGE impact on my business! If you wouldn't mind taking a few moments to leave me a positive Review/Rating on my top sites that would be my biggest compliment! 

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We found that realtor in Andy Smith.

"As first time homebuyers, my wife and I had no idea what to expect. We needed a realtor who would provide us a plethora of information regarding the step by step purchasing process. We needed a realtor who would provide us space to make decisions while also voicing his own. We needed a realtor who was a no-nonsense straight shooter. We found that realtor in Andy Smith. Andy was available and responsive at all times of the day, even outside of regular business hours. Andy Smith took the time to lay out not only the current step, but what to expect going forward throughout the entire process. He helped make the home buying process one that was positive, exciting and most importantly, successful. My wife Kathleen and I will most certainly be recommending Andy Smith to anyone who is in need of a high quality realtor going forward. Thank you again!"

- Hunter & Kat Hartl


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