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How to Join eXp Realty in 2022

Here is the step by step process to joining eXp Realty and navigating the online application.

Step 1:

Go to

Create an account and login. From there you'll see the 7 steps to the application process. 3 of which you the agent will be responsible for completing and 4 of which eXp will be in charge of.

  1. Application & ICA (Agent)

  2. License Verification (eXp)

  3. Broker Approval (eXp)

  4. Document Review (eXp)

  5. License Transfer (Agent)

  6. Email Verification (Agent)

  7. Convert To Active (eXp)

Step 2:

Complete the ICA (Independent Contractor Agreement)

There are 6 categories within the ICA.

  1. Personal - General about you info.

  2. Sponsor - Search and select the individual who you feel provided the most help when making the decision to join eXp. This is a critical step. Once you select your sponsor you cannot change this. Before you submit your application make sure you have the correct individual selected.

  3. License - This is where you'll enter your current association and broker affiliation along with your recent sales history.

  4. Experience - This is where you'll enter some information about your experience and current business setup to help eXp understand what model will be your best fit.

  5. Financial - This is where you'll enter your tax info along with your banking info for direct deposits.

  6. Documents - This is the final step, reviewing all the information you've entered, sign all documents, and submit your application.

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