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Partner with me at eXp Realty!

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About exp realty

Below are a few links about the benefits of Joining eXp Realty. As you digest these resources, please let me know if you have any questions. eXp Realty is a vehicle to continue to practice real estate but do so in a way that will benefit marriages/relationships, health, and finances. I know you will find similar benefits.

If you have any questions call/text anytime 616-218-0676!


An Introduction to eXp Realty

This PowerPoint provides you with an A to Z understanding of eXp Realty and the benefits of becoming and agent at eXp.

The Model Explained

Listen to former Keller Williams and RE/MAX REALTOR, Brent Gove, explain the eXp model and how it changes lives worldwide.

Teams at eXp Realty

If you have a team, or are looking to build a team, learn more about the different team options eXp Realty has to offer. 

Clearwater Benefits Overview

eXp’s healthcare is a huge benefit for agents. This resource provides a roadmap of healthcare offerings from Clearwater Benefits. This piece alone personally saved me over $7,000 a year!

Learn More and/or Join Here

If you’re ready, or just want to know more, this link will walk you through the step by step process to join eXp Realty. It also provides some helpful links to help understand everything in the eXp universe. 

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